Baleen Filters Pty Limited has a broad depth of experience designing, building and commissioning resource recovery plants across Australia and overseas since 1999. A client portfolio of more than 200 installations provides for technology validation across the water sector.

More than 15 years in the industry, Baleen offers water users the opportunity to realise operational cost base reduction (through Performance Contracting) or Nil-risk resource harvesting (through Design Build Own Operate Maintain financing) to provide a single source of accountability from start to completed installation.


Baleen Filters supply a self-cleaning filtration technology for process waters requiring enhanced clarification or recovery of byproduct:

  • Inline mechanical separation of settle-able, suspended or float-able matter from water in lieu of chemical/energy-intensive aeration or biological methods.
  • Ready separation of near 100% visible matter from process water streams for enhanced clarification performance. 
  • Separated matter collected as ‘screenings’ of a ‘naturally wet’, ‘spade-able’ or ‘near spade-able’ consistency. 
  • Product supply options range from turnkey, user-install to stand-alone filter units or modular systems to match end-user need. 
  • Suited to all water-handling and water-treatment applications spanning influent load reduction, slurry thickening and effluent polishing.

client examples

  • Fonterra (Dairy) for Ocean Outfall compliance and onsite water re-use.
  • Fosters (Brewing) for enhanced water recycling.
  • Tyson Foods (Meat) for enhanced effluent pre-treatment and by product recovery.
  • Chevron (LNG) for Ocean Outfall compliance.
  • Anglo American (Minerals) for water supply polishing, pump protection & enhanced minerals recovery.
  • Nestlé (Food Manufacturing) for enhanced effluent pre-treatment.


  • Protection of downstream processes (or the environment) from TSS/FOG loading variations.
  • Recovery of valuable resources from the process stream (based upon particle size and constituent viscosity moreso than density alone).
  • Recycling of process streams for Cleaner Production purposes.
  • Re-use of process streams and/or constituents for value-added purpose.
  • The Baleen Filters offers significant performance enhancement over conventional sedimentation, flotation and centrifugal technology.

quality approvals / awards

The Baleen technology and its solutions offered to industry have been highly regarded and acknowledged by several prestigious organisations and industry peers – as evidenced by accolades received:

  • ACQ Global Awards 2017, Australia – Company of the Year (CLEAN TECH)
  • ACQ Global Awards 2017, Australia – GameChanger of the Year (CLEAN TECH)
  • AI Global / APAC Insider, The 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards - Best Industrial Wastewater Treatment Company (Australia)
  • World CSR Day, World Water Leadership Congress 2017 – Top 50 Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management (Mumbai)
  • The Climate Group, Global CleanTech Summit 2016 – The Accelerator Top 100 Project (Beijing)
  • Endeavour Awards, Most Innovative Manufacturing Company – 2015 Finalist (Melbourne)
  • The New England Venture Summit – 2014 CleanTech Top 50 Innovator Award (Boston)
  • Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific Best Practices Award – 2014 Australia Water Technology Company of the Year (Sydney)
  • Australian Technologies Competition – 2014 Finalist (Sydney)
  • Artemis Project Top 50 Water Company Awards – 2012 Advanced Water Technology Award (San Francisco)
  • Artemis Project Top 50 Water Company Awards – 2010 Advanced Water Technology Award (San Francisco)
  • SA Science Excellence Awards, Australia – 2010 Excellence in Research Commercialisation Award (Adelaide)
  • Water Industry Alliance, Australia – 2008 Emerging Exporter Award (Adelaide)
  • National Mining Awards, Australia – 2008 Finalist: Applied Technology of the Year Category (Sydney)
  • Frost & Sullivan, Singapore – 2007 Industrial Technology (Asia-Pacific) Award (Singapore)
  • SA Great Register, Australia – 2004 Science and Technology Award (Adelaide)
  • Australian Made Campaign, Australia – 2003 Honorary Member (Sydney)
  • Brother Business Website, Australia – 2002 Finalist: Manufacturing Category (Adelaide)
  • Australian Water Association, Australia – 2001 Waste water Systems & Treatment Award (Adelaide)
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Australia – 2001 Rising Star for both State & National Awards (Sydney/Adelaide)
  • WIPO’s International Exhibition Inventions, Switzerland – 2001 Best Invention: Industrial Category (Geneva)
  • Yellow Pages Small Business Ideas Awards, Australia – 2000 Finalist: Manufacturing Category (Melbourne)
  • Institution of Engineers, Australia – 2000 Inaugural Eureka Prize for Engineering Innovation (Sydney)
  • Banksia Environmental Foundation Inc, Australia – 2000 Research and Development Award (Sydney).