Recovering loss from food processing streams

Use of clarifiers, decanters, hydrocyclones, DAF and Save-Alls during wastewater treatment equals lost by-product and lost profits.

The Problem

In meat processing, it is not uncommon to discover that as much as 1,000-2,000 ppm of saleable by-product is lost to effluent treatment as unwanted sludge.

The Solution

One Baleen ‘120-Series packaged plant can reclaim around 4 metric-tonnes per hour of meal/fat/fibre from 2,000GPM of effluent (subject to survey). At profit/savings of US$50 per Tonne and 4,000 operating hours (Per Year) it’s not difficult to see that Baleen provides for a solid return on Investment (measured in months).


  • 0.05” (1.25mm) pre-screen or similar (ideal but not essential)
  • Onsite/offsite screenings/by-producf management
  • Concrete foundation and Utility requirements (subject to site survey)

Industry Benefits

  • By-product Recovery for revenue (Stage 1 – Resource Separation);
  • SPN land avoidance/reduction;
  • Inline DAF energy/consumable savings & improved discharge compliance;
  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ water re-use opportunity (Stage 2 – Barrier Filtration);
  • Rapid Return On Investment (Basis: SPN US$0.08/Ib & By-product US$0.12/Ib).

Benefit to the Environment

Baleen delivers dramatic treatment-plant energy-savings (viz. DAF alternative) and in-process water-savings (viz. Drum Screen spraywater recycle or other re-use opportunity).

Functional Description

Baleen is readily integrated into existing operations using gravity pipework with clean by-product delivered for immediate offsite cartage.

More than 10-years of continuous service in this industry confirms Baleen can consistently yield by-product of 12-14% solids content, which can be mechanically thickened to as much as 15-30% if required.

Product Features

  • Major part change-out in 15-30 minutes
  • ‘Hot Swap’ automation to alleviate operational downtime
  • Exceptionally low service requirement per annum.

Technology Features

  • FAT cerfified, ready-to-install plant
  • Packaged in customised 40-ft (12.5m) shipping containers
  • ‘Connect and Use’ within 14-days of delivery
  • Complete pipework, framework and utility connection provisions
  • Locked-in process-performance monitoring
  • Online density/flow log of recovered by-product volume
  • Instrumentation and remote-monitoring for full auto-operation
  • Detailed design (PFD, P&ID and 3D CAD) for optimum durability
  • No chemical or potable water requirement for operation
  • Compliant to international safety, electrical & building codes.