Recovering loss from municipal effluent

Use of clarifiers, decanter centrifuges, hydrocyclones and sedimentation tanks prior to marine discharge equals lost recyclables and lost energy.

The Problem

In treatment of municipal effluent it is not uncommon to discover as much as 500 ppm of biodigestable matter can be harvested; Lost to environment as BOD (marine pollution) and C02 (greenhouse gas). Just 1-litre (1-Quart) kills flora/fauna in 100-litres (25-Gallons) of marine ecosystem. Whilst 1,000-litres (250-Gallons) per day equates to 0.15-m3 methane (equivalent to 0.015-kW).

The Solution

One Baleen ‘240-Series packaged plant can reclaim around 0.5 metric tonne of biomass per hour from 40MLD (300,000 EP) of municipal outflow (subject to survey). At almost 1 (S$250) per Tonne and 8,750 operating hours (Per Year) it’s not difficult to see that Baleen provides for a solid return on investment (measured in months).


  • 5mm (0.20”) pre-screen or similar for protection against sharps
  • Anaerobic Digestion Plant (for Biogas conversion)
  • Concrete foundation and Utility requirements (subject to site survey)

Nota Bene: ppm = mg/l = kg/ML 40MLD = 1 0.5MGD, 1 MW = 1,340HP

Industry Benefits

  • Recyclables recovery (Stage 1 – non-biodegradables separation);
  • Biomass recovery for Biogas (Stage 2 – Resource Separation);
  • Fit-for-Purpose’ Water reclamation opportunity (Stage 3 – Barrier Filtration);
  • Rapid return on investment (basis: S$250/Tonne).

Environmental Benefit

Baleen alleviates impacts upon marine environs in a number of ways:

  • Prevents/minimises bioaccumulation of toxins and sedimentation of sludge;
  • Prevents/minimises agglomeration of particles, grease and micro-plastics;
  • Prevents/minimises slick, flocculate and windrow formation, and dispersion of grease wax and bacteria.

Functional Description

Baleen is readily integrated into existing operations using gravity pipework with thickened biomass reclaimed for Anaerobic Digestion. Industry experience has confirmed that Baleen can consistently yield a mixed-biomass consistency of 8-12% percent solids content for optimum Biogas production.

Product Features

Major part change-out in 15 -30 minutes ‘Hot-Swap’ automation to alleviate operational downtime Exceptionally low service requirement per annum.

Technology Features

  • FAT certified, ready-to-install plant
  • Packaged in customised 40-ft (12.5m) shipping containers
  • ‘Connect and Use’ within 20-days from delivery
  • Complete pipework, framework and utility provisions
  • Locked-in process-performance monitoring
  • Instrumentation and remote-monitoring for full auto-operation
  • Detailed design (PFD, P&ID and 3D CAD) for optimum durability
  • No chemical or potable water requirement for operation
  • Online density/flow log of recovered biomass volume
  • Compliant to International safety, electrical & building codes.