Welcome - Issue 2 - August 2016

The recovery of waste from wastewater often delivers substantial economic and environmental benefits for those willing to pioneer Baleen within their existing wastewater management operations. Short and simple, Baleen typically delivers dramatic investment return and significant reduction of environmental footprint. Please take a look over our website and view the various e-docs for supporting information.


Waste recovery from wastewater ‘close to the source of entry’ delivers ‘Cleaner Production’ in just ‘one or two steps’ for reduced material wastage and/or increased water re-use. But it doesn’t end there, Baleen also provides for downstream byproduct recovery and/or ‘fit-for-purpose’ water reclamation opportunities in as little as ‘one to three steps’.

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If seeking to improve beneficiation circuit performance by eliminating fine ore loss or to implement water savings measures then Baleen has the solution for you.

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We are proud to present you the G7-publication ‘Climate change – The New Economy’ in which Baleen contributed Thought Leadership on the Green Future for Wastewater Infrastructure at the G7 Summit in Ise-Shima, Japan on 26-27 May 2016.

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Baleen delivers revenue-making solutions in an increasingly competitive water market. In select cases, Baleen will source finance for worthy projects that involve operation and maintenance of resource recovery plants, which result in local employment opportunities.

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